Hi, I’m Christine Brewer (everybody calls me Chris).  I take photos of dogs, cats and horses, and their humans.  I started taking pictures in high school, then got away from photography (career, marriage, etc.).  Christine Brewer Photography launched in 2010. 

Home base is St. Louis, but I travel in a large radius around the area.  I grew up in Southern Illinois, so I’m comfortable driving in the entire region.  Most of the time people ask me to come to their home or local park, or their barn to take pictures.

My goal is to capture your pet’s personality, those things that make them unique, and to show their love and kindness for you, if you decide you want to be in the picture.  How do I do that?

Good question, it’s a combination of experience, knowledge and timing.  And perseverance.  I keep shooting until I get something you absolutely adore and love to look at over and over.


Call me to set up a photo shoot – take a look at my page entitled “What Do I Need to Do?” and I’ll walk you through the very easy steps.  Call me!


Yes, I will help you remember your pet who doesn’t have long to live.  These photos are special, and often convey many hidden meanings when the photos are printed.  You can see love, gratefulness and above all peace in these photos.  They are very special.